Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oltman's Friday Fr33bie: Corporation Inc.

Corporation Inc. Logo

The previous two entries in the Oltman?s Friday Freebies were simplicity personified. Cut some ropes, and do some jumps. How hard can it be? But that does not mean all free games are simple.

This week?s entry, Corporation Inc., reminds me a lot of the old SimTower game. The basic idea is to create a corporate tower building with different floors and employees all earning you money!

Corporation Inc. Screen 1

You build the different floors, fill them with employees and watch them do the work. Then, when they don?t work hard enough you get a supervisor to beat them up a little. When the staff starts to earn you some cash you can reward them with a cat or a potplant. How nice of you! IT, finance, janitors, research, they are all there.

But watch your spending! Research allows better offices and staff, but it costs money. So too does a restaurant and gym, but it prevents staff from leaving the building for lunch. Keep them locked up and you earn more money!

Corporation Inc. Screen 2

From Corporation Inc.?s sweet graphics to the chirpie soundtrack, it all ties in really well. And before you know it you can be slamming your hand on a big, dark, wooden desk screaming: ?you?re fired!? in your best Donald Trump voice.

You can find Corporation Inc. here.

Oltman?s Friday Fr33bie is El33tonline?s weekly look at great, free games that Oltman has discovered after delving into the depths of the internet in search of rare gems. Leave the deep-sea diving to him - it?s dangerous, risky work - but feel free to recommend future freebies for us to take a look at.


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