Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oltman's Friday Fr33bie: My Dear Boss

I noticed that all three previous Friday Fr33bies started with the letter C. In fear of making it look like I am going alphabetically down a list I downloaded from the internet, I jumped a few down to M.

My Dear Boss is another classic game hosted by Armor Games. These guys are like poison on a Friday, and no work can be done while access to them is available!

My Dear Boss Screenshot 1

My Dear Boss features you as an employee who has simply had enough. The next time your boss tells you that you suck, you decide to kick it to the man. Literally. But just kicking him won’t be good enough, we need to know exactly how far you have kicked him!

In a similar vein to Yeti Sports, this game sees your boss bounce off cars and umbrellas as he travels down the street. Kick him far enough and he lands home. Every kick gives you cash to buy power-ups that allow you kick him even further, harder and faster. Buy better kicking shoes, more cars and birds and even protestors to beat him up along the way.

My Dear Boss Screenshot 2

Some of the power-ups include baby oil to make him skid along further, or birds that give him a speed boost. The in-game menu is all run from an iPhone lookalike, and very easy to use.

Don?t get disheartened either. The first few kicks won’t kick him very far, but then once you start to hit the cars and umbrellas you will have loads of fun!

My Dear Boss Screenshot 3

This game should last you no more than 20 minutes from start to completion, but affords a great amount of pleasure. Now if only you could substitute the boss’s face with that of your own. Hmmm?I think this needs to be addressed!

You can find My Dear Boss here.

My Dear Boss Screenshot 4

Oltman?s Friday Fr33bie is El33tonline?s weekly look at great, free games that Oltman has discovered after delving into the depths of the internet in search of rare gems. Leave the deep-sea diving to him - it?s dangerous, risky work - but feel free to recommend future freebies for us to take a look at.


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