Monday, January 30, 2012

Editorial: The Games of 2012: El33tonline's Great Big Release List

Did you think 2011 was jam-packed with fantastic videogames? Were you unable to keep up with the pace of releases due to time and budget constraints? Then we’ve got some bad news for you: The 2012 videogame release slate is going to be just as manic as 2011 with titles that promise to be just as spectacular as the best that last year could throw at us!

The Games of 2012: El33tonline's Great Big Release List Feature Image

El33tonline has compiled a wonderfully huge list of games due for release in 2012, split up into monthly and weekly release windows. We’ve also included a healthy (READ: Overwhelming) list of games that don’t have set release dates just yet, but are still expected to launch in 2012.

Continue reading this El33tonline editorial, The Games of 2012: El33tonline’s Great Big Release List.


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