Tuesday, January 24, 2012

El33tonline's South African Gaming Tour is a complete success!

Three cities visited. Thousands of kilometres travelled. Almost 200 gamers seen and met. One country. Not a lot of sleep.

This was El33tonline’s South African Gaming Tour, where we were on a mission to attend four separate gaming events taking place in the space of a single week across the country, all in an effort to meet with our fellow gamers, spread the word of El33tonline and dish out awesome prizes.

Mission accomplished.

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Durban: DBNGamers Event

First up was the second ever meet-up of DBNGamers’ (in Durban, naturally) on the Saturday of January 14th, where sixteen like-minded individuals got together over pizza and drinks to talk games.

You can read El33tonline’s full report on that gathering over here, but be sure to follow DBNGamers on Twitter and Facebook to keep tabs on future meet-ups.

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Johannesburg: JHBGamers Event

Next was the JHBGamers event on the Wednesday of January 18th, attended by EA South Africa and EA Australia’s Brad Pidgeon… and El33tonline of course!

We gathered at a great restaurant called TGS Fourways where we got to meet some terrific fellows and fellowettes, before Lisa’s excellent presentation filled everyone in on who and what El33tonline is. Then, we gave away fantastic prizes sponsored by Afrihost and EA!

El33tonline’s full write-up of the JHBGamers event is coming soon, but you should definitely keep up with the group on Twitter and Facebook to make sure you don’t miss future events.

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Cape Town: CPTGamers Event

The following day, on January 19th, Lisa and I were in Cape Town to attend the latest edition of the CPTGamers’ meet-up, this time at Braza in Canal Walk. This gathering was a nice, casual affair with regular attendees including Grant Hinds (MWEB Gamezone) and Dumidu Surasinghe (OneLargePrawn), while EA South Africa and Brad Pidgeon made another appearance.

We’ll also be talking more about this get-together soon, so stay tuned.

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Cape Town: 2upGamers Third Encounter Event

Last, and certainly not least, was 2upGamers’ Third Encounter event on Friday, January 20th, where over 100 gamers gathered to hear EA’s Brad Pidgeon, as well as TakeALot’s Andrew Royal, speak about their respective communities and how they’re appealing to the gamers to help improve and evolve.

Again, El33tonline will be covering Third Encounter in much more detail very soon with tons of photos from the event, but for now, head on over to 2upGamers’ Twitter and Facebook pages to keep clued in on upcoming gatherings.

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Lisa and I were also excited to finally meet our fellow online gamers who jump into Gears of War Wednesdays and Battlefield Fridays with us, so here’s a quick snap of the group - more to come:

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El33tonline’s tour of South Africa and our visits to each of the events in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town were a complete success and we enjoyed every second of it - keep an eye out for our coverage of the meet-ups soon!

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