Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rumour: Is this the PS3 Super Slim? Grainy images leak out of Brazil

PlayStation 3 Super Slim Banner

Reports of a supposed ‘Super Slim’ PlayStation 3 made their way out onto the ‘net earlier this month following the uncovering of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filings that were made by Sony Computer Entertainment this year.

More recently, a few grainy, low resolution photos of the reported device have arrived on Brazilian site Technoblog, and because I personally consider these kinds of images the best and most exciting when leaked information is floating about, you can see a selection of the photos below while setting your brain to ‘speculate:’

PlayStation 3 Super Slim Images

Technoblog says that the PS3 ‘Super Slim’ console would come in three models, namely a 16GB, 250GB and 500GB, but that could jut as easily be a ‘160GB’ device, unless Sony wants to drastically reduce the price of the PS3 and easily place the console in the casual segment of the marketplace, similar to Microsoft’s 4GB Xbox 360.

If it’s real, it would make the most sense for SCE to announce the PS3 ‘Super Slim’ at gamescom 2012, which takes place in Cologne, Germany in August. El33tonline will be there to bring you any news of the console as it’s announced, so stay tuned!

Would you buy a PS3 ‘Super Slim’ to replace your current PS3, or if you don’t currently have a PlayStation 3?

Source: Technoblog


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