Friday, July 27, 2012

Report: Warner Bros. Games Seattle affected by layoffs

Reports doing the rounds today speak of very unfortunate layoffs at the Seattle offices of Warner Bros. Interactive, which is where production houses Monolith Productions, Snowblind Studios and Surreal Software are situated.

Warner Bros. Interactive hasn’t officially confirmed the redundancies at WB Games Seattle or revealed how many staff members have been let go, but industry personalities ‘who would know’ have taken to Twitter to tell everyone about the news, while job offers have already gone out to those affected.

George Broussard lead the charge, tweeting:

“Another Warner Brothers layoff going on as we speak. In progress now. Shame. Hope people land safely.”

Mike Jungbluth seemed to confirm the sentiment, saying:

“Bad times at WB Seattle right now. Good luck to all my old co-workers over there. Been a rough couple years for them.”

Insomniac Games was next, offering jobs to anyone let go:

“Our thoughts go to folks who were laid off at WB today - our job openings are here…”

Warner Bros. Interactive currently has an impressive line-up of titles due for release over the next year or two, with Guardians of Middle-Earth, Injustice: Gods Among Us, LEGO Lord of the Rings and others on the way, not to mention the next Batman game from Rocksteady Studios.

The publisher will be at gamescom 2012 in Germany next month - look forward to hearing more about its known (and unknown) titles, but spare a thought for those affected by today’s layoffs.

Good luck to everyone at WB Games Seattle.


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