Sunday, July 15, 2012

Battlefield Friday War Cry: Monstrous battles await!

This week has been epically busy, with the announcement of DBNGamers Infinity and Durban’s launch of the 3DS XL on July 27th, but today is Friday the 13th. Some people see it as good luck and some see it as bad luck. I can tell you one thing: Today there will some monstrous battles on online in Battlefield 3!

Battlefield Friday

Last week I sadly missed out due to having some technical issues. Everytime I tried to sign in I got the ‘Xbox LIVE service is temporary unavailable’ message. I tried until 11:30pm and then gave up. Tonight, however, I’m on the battlefield doing what I do best. I’ll be killing, reviving, blowing stuff up, driving a jeep or a tank, and just having a awesome time.

Join us on the battlefield this evening at 8:15pm on Xbox LIVE! See how peeps like CrazyErick take out a tank and how Piglet DE revives everyone. The true camping skills of Smuroh and not to mention the knifing skills of Griff3nZA and POItjie will also be on display.

The war will be won one battle at a time. Some will be won and some will be lost, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves. Jump in, and Feel the Battle!

Give me a huh-rah!


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