Saturday, July 21, 2012

Oltman's Friday Fr33bie: Flight of the Amazon Queen

The nineties were awesome for gaming! Not only did we get to play the first games in certain genres that now flood the market, but we also played games that are now virtually extinct. I am of course talking about point and click adventure games! And the best of these are the free ones!

Flight of the Amazon Queen Screenshot 1

ScummVM, an old school adventure game emulator for Lucasarts games, and now including many more types of adventure games, has created such a following that publishers and developers have given their games to the ScummVM team to give away for free! I already spoke about Beneath a Steel Sky a few weeks ago, and now I get to share this little gem with you.

Flight of the Amazon Queen is an inspired title. It is clearly inspired by the classic Lucasarts games, which is no bad thing in my opinion. It follows a washed out pilot named Joe King, who lands a job flying a star to the Amazon for a photo shoot. Once there he crashes his plane and everyone is stranded. He (in other words, you) will then proceed to save captured princesses, negotiate with gorillas and discover the sinister intentions of a lederhose company. I kid you not!

Flight of the Amazon Queen Screenshot 2

The humour ranges from sharp to slapstick, but is always entertaining. The puzzles can be tricky at places, and simply so obvious at other places that you think “this cannot be this easy, surely.” The voice acting is a bit bad, but considering the era and the technology (and the price) you wont find me complaining. [Uh… - Ed]

I admit I never played Flight of the Amazon Queen until it became available with ScummVM. I am, however, grateful that I now have the chance! What a great little adventure game that deserves your time!

Crash your Amazon Queen into the the ScummVM website for this great Friday Fr33bie!

Flight of the Amazon Queen Screenshot 3

Flight of the Amazon Queen Screenshot 4

Oltman’s Friday Freebie is El33tonline’s weekly look at great, free games that Oltman has discovered after delving into the depths of the internet in search of rare gems. Leave the deep-sea diving to him - it’s dangerous, risky work - but feel free to recommend future freebies for us to take a look at.


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