Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The horror of these Dead Space 3 screenshots cannot be denied

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Say what you will about Dead Space 3 and its potential to scare the living skeleton out of your gaping mouth, but these brand new screenshots for Visceral’s action horror game are just about as terrifying as anything we’ve seen from the team before.

And these beasts are sitting still! Imagine them in motion as you creep down a corridor on your lonesome…

skeleton jumps out

Yes, yes, you’re right about the fact that you can play Dead Space 3 in co-operative mode with a friend, which will to a certain degree diminish the horror offered up by the game… but you don’t have to play in co-op and Visceral has still taken care to design and craft a singleplayer experience with intelligent drop-in/drop-out co-op.

Read about that innovative new system in our eyes-on preview of Dead Space 3, as well as in our previous mountains of coverage, but for now have a look over the following screenshots - we dare you not to feel a shiver down that spine of yours:

Dead Space 3 Screenshot 1

Dead Space 3 Screenshot 2

Dead Space 3 Screenshot 3

Dead Space 3 Screenshot 4

Dead Space 3 Screenshot 5

Dead Space 3 Screenshot 6

Dead Space 3 Screenshot 7

(PS: If you feel a tingle down your spine, hold your mouth shut - your skeleton is being tickled which means it’s about to leap right out from between your jaws.)


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