Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Operation Raccoon City continues with new contest winning operatives!

Operation Raccoon City may have already begun, but the U.S.S. and Spec Ops teams need more recruits! Umbrella Corp. has made a mess of this town and their experiment has caused untold destruction!

These… creatures are tearing specially trained soldiers to pieces and even converting them somehow. We’ve never seen anything like it! And those Bio-Organic Weapons that Umbrella created? Two words for you: Big. Mistake.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Competition Banner Image

Luckily we’ve just enlisted the help of two more recruits - they’re being shipped in as we speak and even though they’re from opposing sides, we’re hoping they’ll put aside their differences to help clean up Raccoon City!

Who are they? Their names are…

Thesenc, who will be using PlayStation 3 technology to fight off the zombie menace, while OorlogFrankenstein is said to be utilising Xbox 360 tech to take down the shambling dead.

We’ve even kitted them out in Raccoon City t-shirts so they fit in with (and hopefully slip by) the evil residents:

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City T-Shirt

Well done on being selected to fight for Raccoon City in this Operation!

We thank all other applicants for this dangerous job - perhaps when Thesenc and OorlogFrankenstein are painfully devoured and mutilated by zombies, we’ll need more recruits.

Thanks also to Capcom and Ster Kinekor for assisting in the recruitment process!


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