Friday, March 30, 2012

Kinect for Windows confirmed for South Africa

Kinect for Xbox 360 has been a runaway success since its launch in November 2010, selling in excess of 18 million units so far. Kinect may have started off as a videogame peripheral but it’s become increasingly clear that the hands-free device has multiple commercial and consumer applications as well.

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This is where Kinect for Windows comes in. The peripheral looks the same as the Xbox 360 version and plugs into your PC’s USB port. You can use it to interact with applications that support Kinect for Windows or to test out your own programs if you’ve been working with the Kinect for Windows Commercial SDK (software development kit).

Kinect for Windows in already available in many countries and will be released for the South African market in June. Caren Crous, Kinect product and marketing manager in South Africa, shared the following:

“This is a game-changer for Microsoft and the industry. This isn’t about video games or Windows. This is about the future of computing, and will create entirely new ways of working with computers.”

No details regarding local pricing have been announced as yet - in the US the device sells for $249.99.

Be sure to follow the official Kinect for Windows Twitter feed for all the latest news relating to both the peripheral itself and the fascinating ways it’s being utilised by developers from all corners of the globe.

Source: Microsoft South Africa Press Release


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