Saturday, March 31, 2012

El33t's Pre-W33kend Post: Tigers and Raccoon Kids are no good for this Evil Operation

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We’re not going to lie, everybody: This week was exhausting.

Competitions? We’ve got a few. Reviews? Lots more added and many more to come next week. An exclusive interview? Check. A hands-on preview of a massive game? We got it. News? More than you can shake your bonbon at.

And a chance to win a trip for two to gamescom 2012 in Germany? Psst, look over here.

Yes, it’s been a busy week and next week promises to be just as hectic, so members of El33tonline are going to settle down tonight and this weekend and relax with some games and other activities - find out what we’ll be up to and be sure to let us know what you’ll be keeping yourself busy with, too:


“It’s time for another couple of days respite so my mind is slowly shifting gears to accommodate the adventures and non-adventures that lie in wait. I’ll be journeying to Moses Madiba Stadium tomorrow to ride the cable car (if that’s what it is) so hopefully the view from up high will live up to what I envision.

Hopefully Saturday will see me finishing off Kid Icarus: Uprising on my 3DS as I’ve really been getting into it over the past few evenings. So much so that my PS Vita hasn’t been getting the love it deserves of late. I hope she’ll forgive me when we’re reunited…

As always, enjoy the break everyone!”

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“End of March marks the end of my birthday month, which is a bit sad. The beginning of April marks the start of a new home for us, which is bittersweet. Bitter because we’re moving away from my gaming buddy Oltman (and his supportive wife) and our home of three years but sweet because we’re moving into a bigger place with a garden for my baby girl.

Telkom has done us a great service by keeping me offline for the past two and a half weeks; failing to cancel our phone line; incorrectly billing us just shy over R2,000.00 for a line we don’t have; setting a pack of wild lawyers on us threatening summons; and forgetting to install a line in our new premises, so all-in-all, my gaming experience will be drastically muted this weekend (again) and the next week or two (again).

No matter, I really should focus on the packing and moving, and try to ignore the raindrops pouring on my head tomorrow (think of me when the heavy weather hits), so no game time - for once - is a blessing in disguise.”


“Coming to the end of a really busy week, and running out of time, i better keep this short:

Battlefield 3 Friday tonight should have my evening covered today. Tomorrow is meetings and painting and then hopefully i can get my swing on with Tiger Woods 13, now with Kinect! Yay! Then Sunday should conclude the weekend with church, some more Tiger and hopefully a braai at the parentals.

I will hopefully also have more time with Mass Effect 1, I so need to get my FemShep into ME3!!!

[REDACTED - Secrets! Uncomfortable stuff! Creepy! - Ed]

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“Many injuries sustained saving impossible net goals leave Ian Saunders and Alan ‘Lancelot’ Rigby ending a dogged year.”

That’s your worldwide news headline for Friday - as for me, I’ll be trying to mop up Umbrella Corporation’s mess in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and continuing (or restarting) my journey in… Journey, before trying out two classic games I’ve been meaning to play for ages, but just haven’t: Metro 2033 and Mirror’s Edge.

Oh mama mia, grazie for reading - I sincerely hope you have a great weekend full of whatever it is you enjoy doing the most and you have your full complement of mates around - it’s terrible missing a friend, even for a short while.”

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