Saturday, March 24, 2012

El33t's Pre-Weekend Post: Just Dancing with Star Wars on a Journey to Racoon City

Even though we had a mini-holiday halfway through the week, it’s still good to know it’s the weekend right?

Here’s what the team is getting up to this weekend. Let us know what you p33ps are going to be playing from dusk to dawn in the comments below.

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“I’m looking forward to dusting off my rusty Jedi skills and putting Star Wars through it’s paces using the Kinect on the Xbox 360. I’m really hoping it is awesome and will deliver the first true immersive Star Wars experience.

When I’m not saving the galaxy I plan on getting better acquainted with the PS Vita integration with the PlayStation 3. I’ve read about all the remote control/remote play functionality, but now is the time to put it to the test. Wish me luck and I’m hoping I don’t mess anything up in the process.”

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“I’ll be on the hunt this weekend for a new Xbox so I can ‘Jump In’ again as soon as possible and get some LIVE jollies ASAP. A week without Gears 3 or Battlefield 3 doesn’t really feel complete…

Intense destruction in Twisted Metal and serene adventures in Journey are on the cards, while I may also be taking up residence in a city filled with evil raccoon operatives if I can find myself a good Xbox deal.

See you ‘round, enjoy the weekend everybody.”

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“March is a busy month! Plenty of birthdays, special events, and the sounding of Summer’s death-knell. For those that missed it, 3/21 was Down Syndrome awareness day (3 * chromosome 21’s - now you are aware) and today, 3/23 is National Chip and Dip day in the USA!

In commemoration of these special days I intend to spend some QT with my sweet baby girl, and then eating some chips and dip tonight while introducing my tech-deprived friends to Just Dance 3 on Kinect.

There’s more rugby (as always) so Saturday I hope to be up earlier than my daughter to catch the Sharks game and then spend most of the day moving boxes to our new home.

Telkom’s still not fixed our phone line so I’ll again be missing Battlefield Friday (your ‘tags are safe) and will have to settle for some BioShock 2 instead. Oh well!”

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Three words…

Guild Wars Two

Yeah baby.

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“This weekend has come at just the right time: having a holiday on a Wednesday should be a crime! So these tired old bones will need some rest, while my thumbs do the work shooting POItjie in the chest.

As is tradition by now it is Battlefield Friday again and the bodies will fall as the enemies are slain. But just when it gets too much, I feel, maybe I will switch to a game of Birds of Steel!

This little flyer is turning out rather good, with rockets and boats and girls on the hood. Its one of the best simulations on the PS3. Too bad a proper flight stick does not come free!

Enjoy this little poem I wrote just for you! Be good, wash your ears and eat your veggies too. Soon it will be Monday and back to work or school, so do your homework and dont be a tool!”

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“This weekend I’ve got a wedding to attend and Tekken 3D: Prime Edition to play and review. I’d also like to get down to the beach at some point for a few waves so hopefully the wind behaves itself!

In between the usual podcast-listening and movie-watching I’ll be spending some more time with my Vita. Since I started playing on it my PS3 and Xbox 360 have been sitting under the TV sulking because I’ve hardly picked up a console controller lately (except for brief sessions with Journey and MotorStorm RC). However, I’m sure that will change as soon as the next big game comes along or I need to review a console title.

May your respective weekends be suitably chilled!”

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“I’m hoping to get some good ol’ R & R in this weekend. With a bunch of new games to test and some new movies hitting the circuit it looks like a pretty chilled weekend is on the cards. But after the busyness of March that’s just fine by me!

I have two super secret games to preview, and a few more competitions up my sleeve…so don’t forget to stop by El33tonline first thing Monday morning to get your daily gaming fix.”


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