Friday, July 13, 2012

Sunday Warfare: It's ringing - answer The Call before it's too late!

Written by Peloma

Normally when you think ‘Sunday’ you think ”Emagaaad, Monday is almost here.” So before you start battling the Monday Blues, how about joining me in another fun round of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on PlayStation 3?

Charge the mic, stretch those fingers and tie your Rambo bandana, ‘cause it’s gonna’ to be one hell of a ride as you answer the call of duty!

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We all loved Free-For-All last week, but we are changing it up this Sunday with some ‘Team Tactical.’ Team Tactical consists of team-based objective matches like ‘Kill Confirmed,’ ‘Team Deathmatch,’ ‘Capture the Flag’ and ‘Search and Destroy.’

One thing I’ve noticed with these matches, though, is that it starts off fun but then it just becomes about beating the other team. Indeed, it’s all fun and games until you start making voodoo dolls and pricking them with needles in the hopes of affecting the other team’s performance – not that I’ve done such a thing, but it’s something I heard through the grapevine.

We can also switch up the modes depending on the amount of players, as well as suggestions from others. See? I’m very democratic.

Feel free to join me this Sunday at 20:00 and ignore the M-Net movie by leaving your PSN ID in the comments section, or by adding me on PSN, PeaPixie21.

You can also try adding the following Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 players on PS3 to get into the games on Sunday:

  • F34RN0M4D00
  • NoVa_S3NTIN3L
  • [RSA]Richythekiller
  • [RSA]zxc420
  • [noob]rnelFIREBLADE
  • Jewturn
  • [RSA]Law_kk


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