Thursday, June 28, 2012

zaKOTH Knockout players, these are your random spot prize winners!

We can all agree that this weekend’s zaKOTH Knockout tournament was an enormous success and brought with it awesome doses of competition, heart-stopping tension, nerve-wrecking gaming and, above all else, great fun to the local Gears of War 3 community.

ZA KotH Knockout Image 1

Organised by El33tonline’s Gears of War 3 Community Leader, Jody (aka jGLZA), the zaKOTH Knockout was a wonderful example of what can happen when gamers get together (online, no less!) with the express purpose of enjoying themselves with fellow players… and winning a tournament, of course!

As a reward for helping make the tournament a success, we’ve randomly selected the names of nine event participants who will each receive a spot prize.

Before we get to those names, however, El33tonline would once again like to thank Jody for putting the event together, as well as his incredible work, week after week, in running El33tonline’s Gears of War Wednesday sessions.

While at E3 earlier this month, and knowing the kinds of games we would be seeing, Lisa and I were determined to find something special to show our appreciation of Jody’s work and during our demonstration of Gears of War: Judgment at the show (read the preview here and Rod Fergusson’s SA secret here), we found the perfect item:

A limited edition Gears of War shirt handed to us by a member of Epic Games!

Gears of War T-shirt

Gears of War T-shirt

It’s just a small token of our appreciation - we’ll be sending it to you soon, we hope you’ll enjoy it!

Who else will be receiving something cool in the near future? These randomly selected participants in the zaKOTH Knockout tournament!

Congratulations to the following, who will each receive a Gears of War figurine:

  • Kapz786786

  • PsYchOPath Za

  • Ninjanoob91

  • Shanej123

Here’s an image of the goods:

ZA KotH Knockout Image 2

And who will be receiving that replica Lancer? Congratulations to Aurillius z!

Big thanks go to Apeshitshotgun for sponsoring the prizes!

In addition, the following players will each receive a download code for an Xbox LIVE Arcade game, able to choose either Limbo, Castle Crashers, Trials HD or Braid (Note: Braid requires a UK Xbox LIVE account):

  • Lobotomizer 99

  • ZeekyZA

  • LikeaFish ZA

  • GrimreaperRSA

Congratulations to our winners!

In order to get your prizes to you, please email your details to:

  • Jody (kothtourney[@]

  • Oliver (oliver[@]

  • and Lisa (lisa[@]

Thanks everybody, hope to see you in tonight’s Gears of War Wednesday sessions!

Do you have any feedback following the zaKOTH Knockout tournament? Voice your opinions at the official poll.


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