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El33t Hobbies Issue 9: Brandon October

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We’re almost up to the tenth issue of the El33t Hobbies series of feature articles as we continue to showcase members of our community and their interests outside of gaming.

Would you like to submit your own list of hobbies to us? We would love to hear from you!

Today, though, we hear from long-standing El33tonline member, chaos maker and laughter machine, Brandon October (aka fletbed), in his own words, with photos and images of his impressive doodles - the floor is yours, Brandon:

El33t Hobbies - Brandon October: Artwork Image 1

“OK first, gaming is part of my hobby, lol, but outside that, some things I used to love doing were art, drawing cartoony stuff, I even did a story of a little woodelf - it’s not finished, but that one I’m not showing kind of a secret hehehehe. Just looking for someone who can put colour in it, who can help me finish it :3.

Then there are things I still do, like making short movies or adverts, love being behind a camera and would love to make a movie one day, lol.

El33t Hobbies - Brandon October: Bike Image

And then there’s my bicycle. No I don’t have a motorbike but I love the speed. Poor bike has not had a service in two years lol.

And yes then there’s my favourite, my love, my one and only baby who loves being close to my voice… my mic! :3

I also love playing a guitar - this is my friend’s acoustic guitar, I had one like that and an electric guitar but sold it - needed the money:

El33t Hobbies - Brandon October

Loved playing the Dawson’s Creek theme song “I dont want to wait.” When I see a guitar, I want to play it! lol when I see a mic, want to sing!

And yeah, I love camping, fishing, the beach, love exercising, love exploring, love nature and many, many more.

El33t Hobbies - Brandon October: Artwork Image 2

That’s it, no medals, no blue belts, no achievements, no trophies to show, lol, but I can say that I have a little bit of talent lol (not bragging).”

El33t Hobbies - Brandon October: Artwork Image 3

El33t Hobbies - Brandon October: Artwork Image 4

El33t Hobbies - Brandon October: Artwork Image 5

Big thanks to Brandon for sharing his interests, hobbies and pastimes with us - here’s what else you need to know about him:

  • Name: Brandon October

  • Name on el33t: Brandon October

  • Twitter Name : Brandon_october

  • Xbox LIVE GamerTag: Fletbed

  • PSN ID: FletbedZA

  • Can we contact you on Facebook?: Oh my mamas pies yes :3

Would you like to share your hobbies, interests and pastimes with the El33tonline community?

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Here is the El33t Hobbies Back Catalogue, where you can read more about members of El33tonline and their pastimes.


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