Thursday, June 28, 2012

Google’s First Foray Into Hardware Is All About The Ecosystem

_MGT4115It's Day One of Google I/O, and the company set out to prove that it's not just about software and algorithms and whatnot, introducing a neat set of hardware devices that are available -- or will be soon -- to take advantage of its Android mobile operating system. But while Google is historically a software provider, it was its hardware that stole the show. Take a close look at the Nexus Q, its first piece of hardware, and you realize that the device pretty useless for doing anything as a standalone device. It is entirely dependent on the user to control it with an Android phone or tablet, and to be connected to Google Play to stream content from the cloud. The Nexus Q, in short, is positioned right in the center of a broader Google ecosystem, bridging the divide between Google's software and cloud services and the hardware that depends on its Android OS.


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