Saturday, February 4, 2012

El33t's Question of the Day: Which PS Vita games have you most excited?

El33tonline Question of the Day

With the launch of the PS Vita just around the corner, handheld gamers are going to be treated to a vast range of exciting, interesting and just downright fascinating new experiences, with games either set in franchises we know and love or with titles striking off into all-new areas of gaming.

The Question of the Day is:

Which PS Vita game has you most excited?

We could talk about mainstay intellectual properties like Uncharted, Resistance, WipEout, FIFA and Ninja Gaiden, or newer games like Rayman Origins and Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3.

We could also mention exciting, unique games like Little Deviants, Gravity Rush and Escape Plan. And what about new takes on older series, like with MotorStorm RC?

We concluded yesterday that most of us are definitely looking forward to the release of the PS Vita on February 22nd, while some of us are going to get it as soon as possible, but regardless of your intent to buy the handheld which of the announced PS Vita games has you most intrigued?

You can see a handy list of launch (and launch window) games for PS Vita in our look at February’s release line-up over here to get more clues!

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