Friday, February 24, 2012

PS Vita launches in style across South Africa

It’s always really exciting to be a part of the videogame industry when a new console hits the market. It’s a journey that begins at the announcement and one that takes you through months of excitement as more details are revealed, screenshots and trailers pored over, and pre-orders placed. Discussions ensue, debates arise and then before you know it the launch day dawns and the courier is knocking at your door.

PS Vita South African launch

The stunning view of Johannesburg city from Randlords. Nelson Mandela bridge lights up the foreground.

Ster Kinekor hosted a stylish launch event for the PS Vita at Randlords, on the 22nd rooftop floor in Johannesburg, this part Tuesday night. We were treated to an exciting evening filled with awesome entertainment and much anticipated hands-on time with the PS Vita.

While a stage dominated the front area of the venue, TV’s dotted throughout the space ensured we could always keep an eye on the action. Whether that was wonderfully mystical dancers, the amazing sounds of Morgan Beatbox, or simply soaking up the awesome dance music that the DJ kept pumping throughout the night, there was definitely never a dull moment in this slick launch event that almost made you feel you had been transported into the future.

PS Vita South African launch

Part of the special UV show entertainment that we enjoyed.

Testing the launch line-up of the PS Vita was one of the highlights of the evening, and left many a gamer in awe of the console itself. The photo booth was another popular destination, with repeat visits made to snap happy memories of the evening with friends and colleagues in the industry.

All in all, the PS Vita launch event resembled the PS Vita console itself in many ways, smart, fashionable and just a little bit intoxicating. It just so happens that’s how I like them, so it’s clear to me that my PS Vita and I are destined to have a good future together.

PS Vita South African launch

Lycra Bag Dancers with an amazing, mystical performance.

The PS Vita is available now across South Africa, along with an amazing line-up of titles. For more information about the PS Vita you can browse through our previous coverage, and stay tuned for our reviews of the PS Vita titles and the features of the console, coming soon. You can also read Wayne’s report of the launch over here.

PS Vita South African launch

Pippa Tshabalala, the MC for the evening.

PS Vita South African launch

Chairman of Ster Kinekor, Russell Rottanburg, welcomes guests and discusses the PS Vita features.

PS Vita South African launch

Lucky PS Vita winner!

PS Vita South African launch

Visit the future of gaming with the PS Vita.

Images courtesy of Ster Kinekor.


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