Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sleeping Dogs returns with a gameplay, interview and screen blowout!

Sleeping Dogs Screenshot 1

It was almost two weeks ago that Square Enix and United Front Games revealed the publisher/developer pair’s collaboration in the form of Sleeping Dogs, a brand new open-world action game that we may have heard of before under the guise of Activision’s True Crime: Hong Kong.

Long (sob) story short, Activision cut development on that game, United Front got to continue work on it without the intellectual property and Square Enix picked up the project and re-branded it under the decidedly excellent moniker ‘Sleeping Dogs.’

Up to speed?

Sleeping Dogs Screenshot 2

So two weeks ago, a handful of screenshots, a mountain of details and a live-action trailer were released to pique our interest and re-announce the game to the world, but now actual in-game footage has become available with more screens and a couple interviews with executive producer on Sleeping Dogs, the South African-sounding Stephen van der Mescht (most probably not South African though…).

Sleeping Dogs is looking very exciting - there’s a reason it’s been brought back from the precipice - so we encourage you to watch those interviews and gameplay videos below:

Sleeping Dogs - Machinima Interview and Gameplay

Sleeping Dogs - GameSpot Interview

Sleeping Dogs Screenshot 3

Sleeping Dogs Screenshot 4

Sleeping Dogs Screenshot 5

Sleeping Dogs Screenshot 6

Sleeping Dogs Screenshot 7

Sleeping Dogs Screenshot 8

Sleeping Dogs Screenshot 9

Sleeping Dogs Screenshot 10

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