Friday, December 16, 2011

Gears of War Wednesday Wrap: Hail and well met - this was the best yet!

Wow. Last night’s Gears of War Wednesday matches were insane!

Full and busy lobbies, frags galore, a pleasing lack of lag and lots of great p33ps hopping on and having a great time! The best Gears of War 3 session yet? Definitely!

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While we may have got off to a bit of a slow start as we began setting up and joining, once matches filled up the games took off and very soon we had fallen into our old habits of Gnasher destruction, sawed-off cheekiness, Longshot domination and incendiary grenade roasts!

What was amazing to see was both ultra-skilled players and relatively inexperienced Gears 3 online gamers (such as myself) manage to peacefully co-exist in the same matches - in the games I was in, at least, it seemed as though the teams were very equal. Even when a team completely dominated in one round, I really enjoyed how the other team rallied together and came back to push for a win - inspiring stuff!

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The other thing that I found to be amazing was how casual and relaxed the games were last night. As far as I could tell, everyone was having fun, which is quite a feat in a multiplayer game as tense and competitive as Gears of War 3, especially considering the talent on display.

And hot dang are there some skilled Gears players in the community!

Players like NobleKombat, IshSpecialist, Bull3tSaint, BogusHenry and JUSTINCAPETOWN, as well usual suspects GaaTY and Bro “I’ve only got a sawed-off” October. No list of insanely talented players would be complete without mentioning BEANIB1LITY, though, who tore through competitors like they were nothing!

There seems to be a disproportionate amount of skill in Cape Town, however, which led us to wonder what they’ve been eating that makes them such powerful opponents. We decided ‘ProGearTro’ must be a part of their healthy, balanced diet.

The games continued right on past midnight this time and it was cool to ‘wind down’ with a few explosive rounds of the special Torque Bow mode with GreatwytY and JGD007 - thanks p33ps!

Gears of War 3 Screenshot 3

El33tonline thanks the following friends, readers and fellow Gears players for jumping in and helping us all have a few awesome hours of Gears of War 3 during Gears of War Wednesday, with special thanks going to our hosts who smoothed out proceedings valiantly:

  • GarbageColector (host)
  • FoFoZA (host)
  • jGLZA (host)
  • Lallieza (and friend) (host)
  • Fullmetal MDK (host?)
  • L0rd0fTheFrags
  • Bro October
  • n0v14
  • NobleKombat
  • CraigViking1977
  • Bull3tSaint
  • GaaTY
  • Rog163
  • IshSpecialist
  • M0mitha
  • Zee JHB
  • Omegazn (and friend)
  • Miss Bathory06
  • F34R LAFr3SH
  • the ICON ZA
  • LIVEangemon
  • nakes7
  • z00bear
  • Smuroh
  • v3loCiti
  • Kalventer
  • GreatwytY
  • Raiden SA
  • Nos4ra2
  • okwacha
  • Cleaverstone
  • autostyle
  • BogusHenry
  • JGD007
  • mattibitti
  • 00 OB1 00

(Did I leave anyone out?)

And of course thanks to El33tonline’s Lisa and Wayne for bringing more bullets and explosions to the matches and for keeping the games running smoothly!

Gears of War Wednesday Banner

While last night’s Gears of War Wednesday went as well as we could have hoped, there’s always room for improvement and variety, too.

I would like to implement some sort of ‘buddy’ system where groups of players look out for one another to ensure that they’re all able to join games and are actively playing, while keeping a permanent, running list of volunteer hosts and weekly participants would also help keep the games going.

As always, we’re very open to suggestions on how to make things better and easier, so please leave any feedback in the comments and also be sure to share any of your awesome anecdotes about last night’s matches, too - we always enjoy reading about the games from your perspective!

Thanks for the matches everybody!


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