Wednesday, December 28, 2011

PS Vita games and accessories priced for Europe

PS Vita Portable Charger

The European launch of PS Vita is still two months away but that doesn’t mean gamers aren’t busy stashing away as much money as possible to be able to afford some of the excellent games and accessories available at launch.

The EU PlayStation Blog recently published a list of the recommended retail price (RRP) for a variety of PS Vita game cards, memory cards and peripherals which will be available at launch. For South African readers - you can estimate the price of an item in our currency by multiplying the cost of it in Pounds by 12.

Here’s that list:

PS Vita game cards

  • Uncharted: Golden Abyss ? ?49.99/�44.99
  • ModNation Racers: Road Trip ? ?39.99/�34.99
  • Everybody?s Golf ? ?39.99/�34.99
  • WipEout 2048 ? ?39.99/�34.99
  • Unit 13 ? ?39.99/�34.99
  • Little Deviants ? ?29.99/�24.99
  • Reality Fighters ? ?29.99/�24.99

PS Vita memory cards

  • 4Gb Memory Card ? ?19.99/�17.99
  • 8Gb Memory Card ? ?34.99/�31.99
  • 16Gb Memory Card ? ?49.99/�44.99


  • AC adaptor ? ?9.99/�8.99
  • Portable charger ? ?49.99/�44.99
  • USB cable ? ?9.99/�8.99
  • In-ear headset ? ?19.99/�17.99
  • Starter kit ? ?24.99/�21.99
  • Travel kit ? ?29.99/�25.99

The EU PlayStation Blog also confirmed that PS Vita will come bundled with six Augmented Reality (AR) Play Cards and a voucher code to download three AR games (Table Football, Cliff Diving and Fireworks) at no additional cost.

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Source: PlayStation Blog Europe


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