Friday, December 31, 2010

Tell Us The Best NASCAR Race of 2010

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Twenty years ago, when I started covering NASCAR stock car racing, the sanctioning body's public relations staff consisted almost exclusively of one man who ran 'his' media centers in the same dictatorial manner that his boss, the late Bill France Jr., ran NASCAR.

That PR guy is now doing hard time in prison, but that's another story. Today, the many-tentacled NASCAR public relations operation is a media bureaucracy -- an endlessly churning mill of facts, figures, videos, press conferences, photos and other information and content.

In their efficiency and zeal, bless their hearts, the PR folks at NASCAR have informed us exactly which five of the season's 36 Sprint Cup races were the best of the year. Although I don't agree with all the choices -- I think the race in Texas last month was one of the best races I've seen in years -- NASCAR says these five were selected "from discussions with the national series director, competition department and NASCAR PR managers."


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