Saturday, December 25, 2010

Favimon lets you collect and do battle with your favorite Web sites -- Time Waster

Ah, Pokemon. Your collect-train-battle cuteness is a guilty pleasure for so many geeks. But wouldn't it be nice if we had an alternative to the cutesy little monsters (no offense, Squirtle)? Matthew Hollett thinks so, and he decided to create one for all of us to enjoy. Witness: Favimon!

You'll begin the battle by collecting Favimon's own favicon, and you can then begin searching for other Favimon to do battle with -- just type a domain name into the search box. The game analyzes your choice and assigns stats and abilities to the new Favimon, and the battle is on! Special abilities include winners like Microsoft's Blue Screen of Death and Missed Opportunity to the powerful Tyrannosaurus Chomp packed by Mozilla.

I began by going after a few small, expendable sites so that I could wear down a beefier Favimon I actually wanted to keep -- like Mozilla. The Foxy Favimon powered through opponents like Opera, WebKit, Microsoft, and Chromium without breaking a sweat (dig that crazy defense stat).

Favimon is ridiculously addictive, and it's only going to get worse (or is that better?). Hollett plans to add a save game feature -- right now you've got to leave your Favimon tab open to keep the game going. That said, I've had the tab on my main desktop computer open for two days now...

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