Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Doing Words: If Spotify Is Now A Verb, What Else Should Be?

As the end of each year looms, there?s a fun tradition amongst news organisations of publishing lists of ?new words? coined during the preceding twelve months. The only slight problem with the lists is that they?re largely nonsense, comprised mostly of phrases made up by lazy journalists on a deadline. Some lists, though, are deserving of slightly greater consideration - like, for example, this one compiled by ?Sprakradet? - The Language Council of Sweden. I mean, ?Sprakradet? - that sounds like it might actually be a real thing. Or maybe not: according to the esteemed Council, 2010 was the year in which ?Spotify? became an official Swedish verb. Unfortunately the verb?s definition is also in Swedish so I can?t actually read it, but I assume it must be something along the lines of... Spotify (v): To repeatedly and embarrassingly fail to launch in the US. The list also got me wondering which other tech-centric verbs might - or at least should - have been coined this year. Verbs like...


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