Saturday, December 25, 2010

An iPhone Lover?s Take On Windows Phone

Back in October, after the official launch of Windows Phone 7, I wrote up some initial thoughts after having played with a few prototype devices in the months leading up to the launch. Many seemed surprised by my mostly positive reactions. It seemed to me at the time that Microsoft may have actually brought a gun to a gun fight with Windows Phone ? as opposed to a sword, or a knife, or a mop. At the same time, I noted, "Now they just have to run a marathon. Up a mountain. Against competitors that they gave a 20 mile head-start to." And the early indications point to that race not going so well for Microsoft early on. But still, I think there might be some hope for the platform, for two reasons. First, I've actually had the chance to use a finished device for a while now ? and I like it. Second, Microsoft has a seemingly endless supply of money. As I've done with a number of other smartphones, the following is my take on Windows Phone from the perspective of an iPhone lover. In my mind, the latest iPhone (currently, the iPhone 4) is still the device to beat out there in the smartphone market, and so I look at all these new devices from that perspective. Is Windows Phone good enough to make me consider switching? Is there anything about it that's better? Worse? Etc.


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