Thursday, December 8, 2011

Joe Danger: Special Edition goes gold, new trailer to celebrate

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While we were shuffling through the busy halls of gamescom earlier this year, we discovered the exciting stand for Hello Games, the team of four developers based in the UK. It was hard not to miss actually, with those awesome Joe Danger cardboard cut-outs dominating every corner of the stand.

We at El33tonline had been happily reading the updates on Hello Games’ blog for many months already, and so already knew about their fascination with cups of tea and their amazement when other popular developers like LittleBigPlanet?s Media Molecule popped in for a visit.

And so, after reading their most private thoughts and spending many hours of quality time with their famous creation, stuntman Joe Danger, we felt like we already knew the team and had to restrain ourselves from giving them a big ol? hug, although I am sure they wouldn’t have minded. Luckily we got a picture of Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games, myself and Joe Danger, to preserve the memories and which is a treasured item at El33t HQ.

Gamescom 2011: Joe Danger and Sean Murray from Hello Games

But I digress, the most important thing to highlight in this article is that Hello Games? next project, Joe Danger: Special Edition, has gone gold and will be coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade in the near future.

Joe Danger: Special Edition stars Joe Danger, the world?s most determined stuntman. The game includes the original Joe Danger, plus almost double the gameplay with new environments, levels and characters. You can look forward to playing over 100 levels, including the insane Laboratory which has over 50 new levels which are exclusive for Xbox.

Hello Games is also hard at work on Joe Danger: The Movie, you can follow their blog for a good chuckle, and regular updates too of course. They?re also on Twitter and Facebook so go check them out!

Hang on, before you go take a gander at this new trailer and screenshots from Joe Danger: Special Edition - coming to an Xbox LIVE Arcade near you soon!

Joe Danger: Special Edition Screenshot 1

Joe Danger: Special Edition Screenshot 2

Joe Danger: Special Edition Screenshot 3

Joe Danger: Special Edition Screenshot 4

Joe Danger: Special Edition


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