Saturday, December 10, 2011

Backed By Tandem, UpOut Launches A ?Realtime Yelp? For Spontaneous Local Event Discovery

logo_lighttagThis summer, Tandem Entrepreneurs raised a $40 million fund to continue investing in its incubator and capital fund, both focused exclusively on startups building solutions for the mobile space. One of the four companies (which includes JungleApps, GimmieWorld, and Flit) funded in Tandem's most recent batch is coming out of private beta today to get young people off the couch and into the fray. UpOut, as its name implies, is an online event discovery service that wants to get you involved in fun activities that are happening right now, in realtime. Founded by two young Babson College entrepreneurs, Martin Shen and William King, UpOut is intending to do for local events what Yelp has done for the local restaurant market, showing what's nearby, what's inexpensive, and what people like you are recommending.


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