Monday, September 3, 2012

Y Kant Junior Fbricate Smiknduktrs: Tinkermite Tablet Teaches Kids The Basics Of Hardware Design

6083083311ce4d3c9fb549021306fcf2_largeModern parents will recognize the dilemma: we want our children to learn about hardware engineering and design at birth but we don't want them using soldering irons until they can keep their heads upright and/or develop gross motor skills. What's a parent to do? Enter Tinkermite, a Kickstarter project aimed at offering the wee ones the opportunity to understand the rudiments of mobile phone design without an advanced degree in telecommunications technology. The toy consists of a small puzzle featuring phone parts like the battery, CPU, and memory chips as well as a front draw-and-wipe screen so the little ones can pretend they're using Dad's iPad.


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