Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Unfinished Swan Hands-on Preview: Explore the world like a child

The Unfinished Swan seems to have been in development for a long time. With roots as a purely indie game that drew critical acclaim even in a very early state, the experimental world discovery title from Giant Sparrow is endlessly fascinating.

The Unfinished Swan Screenshot 1

Peter was able to try The Unfinished Swan for himself during gamescom 2012 and noted in his preview of the game:

“The exploration feels wonderful. From seeing nothing you discover the world like a child might, from not being able to make sense of anything to understanding where you are and what is around you. Every person will discover it differently.

“It will be the same world, but your path through it might be minimalistic, using as little paint as possible to just make out the world or showering everything with paint to make it all visible.”

Paint? Exploration? Find out what Peter thinks of the game so far in his full hands-on preview of The Unfinished Swan.


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