Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sunday Warfare Intel Report: Settle down for tales from Peloma

It’s that time again when I regale you with my war stories during our matches in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and lucky for you, no limbs were lost during this online form of warfare. There were two events that stood out during this week’s Sunday Warfare and I’m going to break them down.

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I now have a regular posse when it comes to the weekly warfare - we don’t ride on horses or call each other ‘pardner,’ but we try and take nothing seriously and just have fun and with [ToXK]cottifactor, [GRIM]BLR_750 and, later on, Vix187, we set out to do just that in the Team Tactical lobby.

The One That Got Away:

First of was a game of Demolition, where you defend or plant bombs in two designated areas. Most of the time when you play online you get a team that challenges you and when you do win it’s after a lot of frowning, agitation and controller pounding, but then you get those rare gems of matches when you spawn, you own, and after the match is finished you feel like a badass (when in actual fact the team you were playing against were bad or were just having a bad run).

This was the case with us when we first spawned and we had to defend our bomb areas. At first, all the attempts by the other team to plant were met by death and when they did finally plant on site A, we made an executive decision to just let the other bomb site go and focus on the final site B.

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Well, the other team didn’t even make an attempt to try and plant a bomb and at some point we thought they were waiting for us to come direct them to the site, and even in their last ditch attempt to plant we killed them. When it was our turn to plant we were clinical and methodical, destroying both bomb sites in less than two minutes - it was a whitewash.

When the match was over the other team rage quit and we were left with thoughts of if there was anything we could do to make them stay, but there wasn’t and all we were left with was the sweet memory of our victory and thoughts of what could have been if the other team had decided to stick around and avenge their first loss.

Bring Your Tent Because we Are camping:

Camping is a very sensitive subject when it comes to the world of CoD - it’s a crime (to some) punishable by insults involving your mother. When it comes to some of the team-based game modes it can be a great strategy because as a team you need to have a game plan - here are some examples of it:

Any self-respecting CoD player knows the corridor of death in the Resistance map so [ToXK]cottifactor was responsible for ensuring the enemy did not make their way through it by camping them out. It worked and let it be noted the rest of the team flanked and rushed the enemy , even though the other team was not pleased by the ‘cotti’ factor (see what I did there).

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When playing Team Deathmatch we used the same strategy by holding the middle area on the Hardhat map, because any team that can hold that position successfully can better their chances of a win. Then came the dreaded Terminal - I swear this map pops up so many times I’m fearing there is a conspiracy at Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward to have gamers play the love out of it.

With Terminal, the plan was simple: Our team will run around but we had to have one player at least protecting us from any assaults coming from the top section, and that’s were [GRIM]BLR750 and his tactical insertion came in handy. Even though it frustrated the other team having [GRIM]BLR750 occupy that position there was a sense of security in knowing that you have one less place to check for the enemy.

There were many highlights of the night, though, like being pwned by [NvG]Eetmykak, but the good thing about that is you can just repeat that nick after dying to show how frustrated you are.

The other highlight was Vix187 and that C4 of his. I swear he spawns with it already armed and ready for throwing, but I was happy at some point because I got revenge by shooting his C4, killing both of us. One more notable even was playing with [f374]EURO2004Greece, and even though he insists on singing badly while his mic is on and feels it’s his duty to tell me how close I am to my death, he did contribute with some good kills.

You know that we are going to do this over again this upcoming Sunday at 8pm, so join us if you like the below players. Add Ares.Aow to your PlayStation Network friends list or leave your ID in comments section.

  • [ToXK]cottifactor
  • [GRIM]BLR_750
  • RSA]miggzo
  • [0m3n]TechnoKiller13
  • [NvG]Eetmykak
  • [SMC]Henry_RB
  • [RSA]miggzo
  • Vix187
  • [AoW’]Ares_AoW
  • []demontweekt
  • [f374]EURO2004Greece
  • [GNbZ]BliNdf1Re043
  • [RSA]nak_muay94


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