Thursday, September 13, 2012

Friendster Founder Jonathan Abrams Launches Nuzzel: A Fast, Simple, Social News Reader

Nuzzel-logo-darkJonathan Abrams, whose resume as a founder or co-founder includes the Founders Den startup workspace, event service Socializr, social bookmarking service HotLinks, and Friendster (I don't need to explain that last one, do I?), is launching his latest startup today: Nuzzel, a site for browsing the news that your friends have shared on social networks. There seems to be a glut of social newsreading services, but Abrams says there's nothing that delivers the experience he's looking for — something fast, easy-to-use, and social. To demonstrate that, he had me create my own Nuzzel account. I connected my Twitter account (you can connect Facebook, too), and within seconds, I had a page of headlines shared by the people I follow on Twitter, along with their commentary, and related news and stories from sites like Reddit, Hacker News, and Techmeme.


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