Thursday, September 27, 2012

The thrills of Dead Space 3 showcased in lengthy gameplay video

Dead Space 3 Screenshot 1

It’s taken a while for the world to notice, but EA and Visceral Games have put together a great walkthrough video to showcase a few of the outer space sequences and Necromorph combat areas we’ll be playing through in Dead Space 3.

The video contains gameplay from a segment of Dead Space 3 that I was lucky enough to play during gamescom 2012 (read my hands-on preview over here), so I’m very pleased that you’re all now able to see this thrilling portion of the next action-horror game in the series.

Enjoy below:

Dead Space 3 - Eudora Gameplay Walkthrough

Dead Space 3 is out on February 5th in the US and February 8th in Europe and the UK, across Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Look over El33tonline’s extensive previous coverage of Dead Space 3 for more details, screenshots and videos.


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