Thursday, August 30, 2012

Watsi Is Using Crowdfunding To Treat The 1B+ Worldwide Without Access To Medical Care

how-it-works-steps-d4d390091859bb475a60d4768832a789Entrepreneurs are inherently risk-takers. But, the tech industry today needs more of the type of risk-takers who go against the grain by actually tackling big, difficult problems. I mean the type of trenchant problems no one likes to talk about -- the ones that are solved over years (if at all) and can affect real change. Not better social shopping. How about this for a hard problem? Today, we live in a world where more than one billion people are unable to afford (or do not have access to) adequate medical services. The type of care most of us now take for granted. Viewed in juxtaposition with the intelligent device/computer you're reading this from, this fact is more than unsettling. So, Watsi, is trying to do something about it -- by tackling that outsized problem on a smaller and more approachable scale: The individual.


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