Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gamescom 2011: South African meet up at a Portuguese restaurant in Germany!

Last week a bunch of South African videogame journalists set off for Cologne, Germany. Before the week was over we were battle hardened from braving the halls of gamescom to bring you news and previews straight from the showroom floor.

Even though we passed through different countries on our journey over (some stopped over in Paris, others in Istanbul and Munich) and were dotted at different accommodation venues throughout the city, we did manage to run into each other a few times at the press conferences and gamescom halls.

But it wasn’t until a late summer’s evening that some of the South African crew met up at the Barbarossa train station to find our way to the A Caravela restaurant for a well earned gastronomical break.

After a brief discussion with a friendly German fellow who was intent to point us in the right direction, we found the Portuguese restaurant and settled in to enjoy a nice, cold Kolsch.

Gamescom 2011: South African Meet Up

Navigating our way around the menu was interesting since the meals were all Portuguese with German sub-titles. Luckily we had a very friendly, and somewhat over-zealous, waiter who managed to find several pictures of fish on his cellphone.

Drinks were less troublesome, and the Kolsch flowed freely all night with new, full glasses somewhat magically appearing on the table at regular intervals.

Even though we all enjoyed quite different meals (fillet, lamb chops, and fish to mention a few), the food was excellent, topped only by the most awesome company of fellow South African videogame enthusiasts.

Thanks to Devon for organising the get together and thanks to Dawid, Brett, Darren, Geoff, Miklos, Oliver and Wayne for a fantastic, fun evening.

See you there next year?


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