Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2007 Alfa Romeo 159 TI Blue&MeTM Nav System 2.4 JTDM 20v Engine 210 bhp

2007 Alfa Romeo 159 TI - Front SidePress Release: The new TI versions TI for Turismo Internazionale, the name that Alfa Romeo once gave only to the most lavishly equipped of its cars. They were derived from standard models but stylistic touches and mechanical changes turned them into thoroughbred sports cars for everyday driving. And today those two letters, so simple but so glorious, reappear on cars in the Alfa 159 family (saloon and Sportwagon). Underlining that the Alfa Romeo brand always guarantees the quality and guarantee of work performed right in the plant for this particular sporty characterisation. Earmarked ...


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