Friday, August 26, 2011

Gamescom 2011: Gotham City Impostors Hands-on Preview (Xbox 360)

Gotham City Impostors was one of the titles I was really hoping to see at gamescom. The trailer really appealed to me, both in terms of gameplay and the wicked sense of humour that the game offers. Even the premise itself, the Bats versus the Jokers, sounds awesome, even more so since it?s not just your typical Bat or Joker ? they?re fully customisable.

The streets of Gotham City have been overrun by Imposters bearing a striking resemblance to Batman and The Joker. Will you join the Bats team and fight for justice, or create chaos with the Jokerz team?

Gotham City Imposters Screenshot 1

Continue reading El33tonline’s hands-on preview of Gotham City Impostors.


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