Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series Coupe

Mercedes hasn’t even revealed the C63 AMG Coupe yet and people are already dreaming about a Black Series version for it. This will be the second Black Series model offered for the new C-Class after the sedan version set to be released later this year.

The Black Series models are all about being more aggressive and more powerful than the standard C63 AMG version. Expect to see a new rear diffuser, quad AMG-style pipes, and also a sportier interior with lots of carbon fiber and aluminum insertions.

The biggest question, however, is what’s under the hood. Recently some information was leaked that confirmed that the C63 AMG Coupe version will get the same V8 engine as the sedan version, so expect to see a tuned-up version of the same V8 in the Black Series model. For example, in the SL65 AMG Black Series model, the output has been increased from 525 HP to 650 HP. We expect to see the same treatment for the C63 AMG Coupe version, perhaps maybe an increase form 450hp to 575hp.

UPDATE 04/25/2011: BenzInsider is now reporting that the C63 AMG Black will come packing the same 6.2L V8 engine found in the current C63 AMG, but tuned to deliver 507 HP. Coincidentally, that is the same power output found in the CLK63 AMG Black Series. The website is also reporting that the C63 AMG Coup� Black Series will be available in five exterior colors and will include customization options like an optional rear spoiler.

The new C63 AMG Black Series will be less expensive than the CLK Black Series, which came with a ?150,000 price tag, or $218,624 at the current rates, back in 2008.

Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series Coupe originally appeared on topspeed.com on Monday, 25 April 2011 14:00 EST.

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Source: http://www.topspeed.com/cars/mercedes/2013-mercedes-c63-amg-black-series-coupe-ar106175.html

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