Friday, April 22, 2011

Google Responds To Smartphone Location Tracking Uproar, Says Android Is Opt-In

Over the last few days there's been quite a hubbub over the location tracking going on in the background on iOS devices, namely the iPhone and iPad 3G. The report that sparked it all focused on a database file stored on iOS devices that stores a record of the rough location of the device over long periods of time ?�and is unencrypted. Senator Al Franken subsequently sent a letter to Apple CEO Steve Jobs asking for an explanation. Then, last night the Wall Street Journal published an article with a new revelation: Apple and Google (with its Android devices) are both sending some location data from these devices back to their home servers. That sounds pretty sinister, but as a long-time Android user it didn't ring true to me ?�I vividly remembered a checkbox that asked if I wanted to allow Google to collect anonymized data, which means it isn't really a secret, and you can opt-out of it. Unsurprisingly, Google confirms that this is indeed the case.


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