Friday, April 29, 2011

Latest Binary Domain trailer and screens make a new attempt at excitement

Binary Domain Screenshot 1

When SEGA?s Binary Domain was first announced in December last year, the reveal went over with a thud, with some critics (and cynics) going as far as to call for the game?s cancellation before it had even been fully revealed.

Today, Binary Domain is (more) fully revealed with a gameplay trailer and a collection of new screenshots to help us decide if this action game is worth the weight in development cost:

Binary Domain ? Gameplay Trailer

Hmm. Maybe it?s a good thing SEGA didn?t bend to the will of the critics and cancel Binary Domain, after all.

Scheduled for release next year on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Binary Domain is billed as an ?immersive and atmospheric squad-based shooter,? while the story of the game is set in a world where ?the evolution of machines has left humanity redundant in its wake.?

?In the heat of battle,? reads a press release blurb, ?players must motivate and build trust with their team, adapt under pressure and make real time decisions knowing there will always be consequences that affect the squad and future missions. Humans must regain control of 2080 Tokyo and give the machines an unexpected ending.?


Here are the rest of those new screenshots for Binary Domain:

Binary Domain Screenshot 2

Binary Domain Screenshot 3

Binary Domain Screenshot 4

Binary Domain Screenshot 5


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