Sunday, October 7, 2012

rAge 2012: Win big with Afrihost and El33tonline!

We’ve given you hints and large eyefuls of the special prizes that Afrihost and El33tonline will be bringing to rAge 2012 from October 5th to October 7th, and even though you’ll need to be at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg in order to stand a chance to claim one of the goodies, it’s going to be more than worth your while!

El33tonline and Afrihost at rAge 2012 Banner

Together with leading South African ADSL service provider Afrihost, El33tonline will be doing nothing less than rocking the showfloor of rAge 2012 for three days straight, helping to deliver consoles, games, Afrihost and El33tonline merchandise, mini-fridges, limited edition controllers and incredible Samsung devices into the hands of show attendees.

Let’s take a look at what we have to offer those who visit us at our Afril33t Stand:

The Magic Hours at the Afril33t Stand

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you’ll need to take note of three magic numbers: 1pm, 2pm and 3pm. These will be when Afrihost and El33tonline will be giving away big, big prizes at our space on the showfloor at rAge 2012. Prizes like Xbox 360s - one everyday at 1pm. Prizes like a Samsung Galaxy Note 10. 1 and Galaxy S3 on Saturday at 2pm and 3pm respectively. You know. Big, big prizes.

How do you enter to win these prizes? We’ll be letting you know about our specially set up internet addresses to sign up for the contests on the day, so be sure to visit the Afril33t stand everyday and to find out more.

Half hours are magic numbers at the Afril33t Stand, too, because every half hour we’ll be tossing prizes out to anyone who happens to have gathered around our stand. Expect a crowd. Expect brand new, triple-A games.

Let’s Go On An Adventure in The Dome

Videogames are all about interactivity, so we’re going to encourage you all to ‘interact’ with your surroundings at the Coca-Cola Dome during rAge 2012 to make your environment a game, too.

Afrihost and El33tonline will be sending rAge attendees on a treasure hunt in and around The Dome as we ask you to find specially marked stickers that will net you spot prizes if you bring them to our stand. Not only that, but if you’re particularly adept at finding good places in which to ’plank,’ and you’ve got a friend to take a photo of you holding the pose, then you could win a prize, too.

We’ve also got prizes for attendees who ‘interact’ with the back of the Afril33t stand… you’ll see how when you get there!

Fun, Games and Free WeeFee

Are you one of those people who says ‘wee-fee’ when talking about wireless connectivity in the form of WiFi? Then not only will we put you straight, we’ll let you use our free WiFi connection at the stand while playing in mini tournaments of FIFA 13, and while challenging friends and strangers in Joe Danger 2: The Movie and Need For Speed: The Run.

As always, we’ll have prizes up for grabs for the best FIFA players, as well as those who set the best times in Need For Speed, with goodies set aside for players who best their friends in Joe Danger 2.

When in Doubt, Just Say ‘Hi’

There’s going to be lots to do, lots to see and lots to win at rAge 2012 with El33tonline and Afrihost, which can easily become overwhelming and even confusing. This isn’t a problem, however, because members of both teams will be present at the Afril33t stand ready and more than willing to help you out and answer your questions.

When in doubt, just walk up to our stand and say ‘hi.’ We’ll do the rest.

Are you going to rAge 2012? We hope to see you at the Afril33t Stand!

How can you find Afrihost and El33tonline’s space on the showfloor? It’s very easy - simply have a look at this handy map and follow the directions. If you know your left from your right, you won’t have a problem.


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