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Editorial: Looking back at rAge 2011, before peering forward to rAge 2012

El33tonline at rAge 2011 Banner 1

Last year, El33tonline was determined to make a splash at rAge 2011. The show perfectly coincided with our fifth birthday, it was the perfect opportunity to meet our friends that we had only known in online circles, and we became perfectly prepared to hit the showfloor and rock the Coca-Cola Dome with all kinds of awesome giveaways.

It was perfect.

Our campaign began slowly and earlier in the week ahead of the show, we started to tease our readers with mysterious snaps of our stand and behind-the-scenes photos of the rest of The Dome as exhibitors scrambled to get their own stands ready for the big day - Friday - and the launch of rAge 2011.

rAge 2011 Stand 28 teaser pics

rAge 2011 Stand 28 teaser pics

rAge 2011 Ster Kinekor Stand teaser pics

We couldn’t hold back for long, though, and we soon revealed our stand. Although it was a little… dainty, we were incredibly proud of our space. Our design was unique, the aesthetics were pleasing, and we were in a key area - right in the centre of the Coca-Cola Dome.

Last year, we were partnered with leading South African ADSL service provider Afrihost, which kindly sponsored prizes and other goodies for us to deliver to rAge attendees.

As we found out over the next three days, size isn’t everything…

Up Close With El33tonline at Stand 28: Image 2

Up Close With El33tonline at Stand 28: Image 3

The crowds arrived in droves at the Coca-Cola Dome, baying to get into the venue and experience the awe of rAge. When the doors opened, nothing could hold back attendees’ excitement as they rushed towards the ticket booths, eager to waste no time in getting to the important business of playing new games and snagging swag.

The Entrance of rAge 2011: Gamers at the door

The Entrance of rAge 2011: Queuing for the show - 2

The Entrance of rAge 2011: Gamers stream into the show - 3

Very soon, the crowds found El33tonline.

From Day One to Day Two to Day Three, El33tonline’s stand at rAge 2011 was surrounded by packs of gamers hungry for excitement. Our space on the floor was, as they say, bumping.

rAge 2011 Day One

El33tonline at rAge 2011 Day 2: Our second giveaway of the day - the word has spread well

El33tonline at rAge 2011 Day 2: The crowds are restless

El33tonline at rAge 2011 Day 2: A huge crowd at Stand 28 - 4

And then there was the infamous zombie ‘incident.’ We won’t speak of that any further.

El33tonline at rAge 2011 Day 2: The Zombies break into Stand 28 as Mary-Anne protects the netbooks

The team at El33tonline had an amazing time at rAge 2011 - that’s an understatement. We met lots of friends, had lots of fun and gave away lots and lots of prizes.

El33tonline and Friends at rAge 2011: Peter, Lisa, Wayne, Oliver and Oltman

In fact, we had so much fun at rAge 2011 that we decided to do it all over again at rage 2012!

El33tonline will once again be at rAge and together with our good friends at Afrihost, we’ll be bringing you chances to win literally hundreds of different prizes, from Xbox 360s and Samsung devices, to mini-fridges and limited edition Xbox 360 controllers, to branded swag and special giveaways.

We’ll also be hosting mini tournaments for FIFA 13, and you’ll be able to challenge your friends in Joe Danger 2: The Movie and Need For Speed: The Run!

El33tonline and Afrihost at rAge 2012 Banner

The question is, will you be at rAge 2012 from October 5th to October 7th? It’s at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg and if you need a little help finding us, you can peruse this handy map we’ve put together - it’s very easy.

We hope to see you there, everybody! Come say hi!


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