Sunday, May 6, 2012

UK 3DS eShop Update for May 3rd: Game & Watch Gallery 2, Cat Frenzy

3DS eShop Update 03/05/12

This week’s eShop update serves up something a little special for 3DS gamers who are old enough to remember Nintendo’s Game & Watch series that proved a massive success during the 80s. The Game & Watch Gallery 2 can be found under the Virtual Console section of the eShop and includes five classic titles that are playable in both their original and remastered forms.

The latest DSiWare title is Cat Frenzy - a cute, three-in-a-row puzzle game that looks like it could be a great entry level puzzler for kids.

Here’s this week’s eShop Update in full:

Virtual Console

  • Game & Watch Gallery 2 - £3.60 / €4.00

    • Game & Watch Gallery 2 is a collection of five classic handheld games. Each game is playable in its original ’80s version and in a remastered version with enhanced graphics, sound, and new gameplay. The five games are: Parachute - catch the parachutists before they fall into the sea; Helmet - dodge the falling tools and head for the shed; Chef - juggle ingredients with your frying pan for as long as you can; Vermin - use your mallets to keep the moles and other critters at bay; Donkey Kong - destroy the platform below DK while avoiding the barrels.

Game & Watch Donkey Kong II (small)


  • Cat Frenzy - £1.80 / €2.00

    • Little kittens are trapped in a well, and it’s up to you to figure out how to get them out of trouble! Slide rows or columns of cute, cuddly cats to create chains of three or more of the same kind, in order to pull them out of the well. The game features both Mission and Quick Play modes, with a total of 140 levels that will engage you in hours of fun!

Nintendo Video

  • Big Buck Bunny
  • Shaun the Sheep 3D

Source: Nintendo UK


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