Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Soul Sacrifice gets teaser trailer two days before full reveal

Soul Sacrifice Art 1

Last month Sony took out a six-page advert in Japanese magazine Famitsu to introduce gamers to its next PS Vita exclusive - Soul Sacrifice. The game is being worked on by Gravity Rush developer SCE Japan Studio and appears to be an action-orientated affair featuring a host of hideous monsters.

Soul Sacrifice will be officially unveiled this Thursday, May 10th, at the Tokyo International Forum. Today Sony released the following teaser trailer for Thursday’s big reveal featuring a small slice of partially obscured gameplay:

SCE Japan Studio worked on Demon’s Souls with From Software and Sony owns the trademark for the Demon’s Souls brand. It’s difficult to tell at this point whether Soul Sacrifice is in any way related to that game but we should have our answer in just two days’ time.

Stay tuned to El33tonline for more information about Soul Sacrifice following Thursday’s official unveiling!


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