Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Xbox LIVE Arcade Update: Spelunky

Spelunky Banner Logo

Everybody’s favourite randomised cave exploration and 2D side-scrolling adventure, Spelunky, is available now on Xbox 360 via Xbox LIVE, inviting you to go on a journey to discover treasure hidden in amongst the dark, monsters and traps of the underground.

You’ll easily be able to make up your mind over whether or not you should investigate Spelunky any further with a collection of screenshots, a trailer, official information and pricing details:

“Spelunky is a unique platformer with randomized levels that offer a new and challenging experience each time you play!

“Journey deep underground and explore fantastic places filled with monsters, traps, and treasure. Fully-destructible environments open up lots of strategies and make it a blast to master the game’s many secrets.”

  • Price: 1200 MS Points

  • File Size: 157.76 MB

Spelunky - XBLA Debut Trailer

Spelunky Screenshot 1

Spelunky Screenshot 2

Spelunky Screenshot 3

Spelunky Screenshot 4

Spelunky Screenshot 5

Spelunky Screenshot 6


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