Tuesday, April 24, 2012

AT&T HTC One X will have free Dropbox space, company spokeswoman affirms

Dropbox on the HTC One X

The AT&T HTC One X has found itself in the hands of a few lucky Android Forums members, and some of the biggest questions poised have had to do with storage. Remember that the AT&T One X has 16 gigabytes of internal storage, whereas the international version has 32GB. Of course, HTC Sense 4 devices come with 25 gigabytes of free Dropbox storage (for two years).

Dropbox on HTC Sense 4Wait. Are we sure about that? There's been a little bit of concern about Dropbox on the AT&T One X. According to Clcross18x and VarsityHacker, who have been detailing their early looks at the AT&T One X in our forums, Dropbox isn't preinstalled on the device, as it is on the International One X and One S, and on T-Mobile's version of the One S.

Writes VarsityHacker:

The AT&T version doesn't have Dropbox as stated. I loaded Dropbox on the phone and then setup an account and have only 2.5 GBs of storage, not 25 GB's. AT&T's website doesn't mention anything about Dropbox in the phone description and I don't remember seeing anything on the AT&T box about Dropbox. I wonder if this deal is only for the international version? 

And, sure enough, going back to AT&T's announcement of the One X, Dropbox isn't mentioned anywhere.

Put down the pitchforks, though. AT&T spokeswoman Jackie Vettorino has some good news, telling Android Central "HTC One X consumers will also get the 25 GB Dropbox storage as part of HTC Sense 4."

Repeat: The HTC One X will get the extra 25GB of Dropbox storage as part of HTC Sense 4

Partner that Dropbox space with what we've seen today from Google Drive (plus every other storage service out there), and things aren't looking quite so dire.

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Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/androidcentral/~3/D0Jm8Sp-7D0/story01.htm

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