Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Social-Mobile Game Developer Funzio Aims Its New Title, Modern War, At iOS

ipad3Funzio has managed to make hit versions of its first game, Crime City, for both Facebook and iOS devices. That's a rare feat for any company, especially such a small one. Now it's trying again with a role-playing simulation called Modern War, that it's launching first on iOS. The game itself is closely patterned after the iOS version of Crime City. A slick graphical interface lets you move around various battle scenarios, where you click on enemy units and structures on the screen to attack them, and earn virtual cash and experience when you win. You also battle with various other players in a traditional role-playing format where you don't actually do any battling, you just see the resulting losses and point gains. A home base lets you build structures that generate new troops and equipment. The free game has the standard virtual goods revenue model. The virtual cash currency and gold are dual currencies that let you do things like buy new buildings that provide more powerful improvements to your troops.


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