Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ta-Da! The winner of Soul Calibur V revealed!

Soul Calibur V Competition Banner

It honestly feels like just yesterday that I was writing up a post on El33tonline talking about the announcement of Soul Calibur V. I was sitting at the airport in Durban on my way to a Megarom Games event in Johannesburg, and naturally I couldn’t last two seconds without an internet connection so I bought a bit of WiFi bandwidth.

I saw the announcement of Soul Calibur V and hastily wrote it up, sans image to accompany it - here’s the result.

Now, almost a year later, El33tonline and Megarom Games are giving away a copy of the game! How crazy… but enough weird anecdotes from me, who won that Soul Calibur V?!

Congratulations to Nomady81 - you’ll be receiving a copy of Soul Calibur V on Xbox 360 for your answer!

Thanks to everybody for their entries and for sharing their Soul Calibur/Soul Blade/Soul Edge memories and characters with us, and as always, thanks to Megarom for providing the game!


Michael Stephen Wallace Russell William Wallace Jr Michael Curtis Waltrip Scott Alan Wimmer Jonathan Edward Wood Christopher Beltram

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