Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Retina iPad Apps To Test Tonight And Tomorrow

Screen Shot 2012-03-15 at 6.54.38 PMThe new iPad nears. Apparently Walmart will be selling them in just a few short hours, well before Apple itself does tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, the first direct-to-consumer shipments should be hitting anytime now. Long story short, a lot of people are going to be getting the new Retina display iPad over the next several hours. Unsurprisingly, the Retina-ready apps are already flowing in. When I asked Apple for a list of third-party Retina-ready apps (all of Apple's apps are already upgraded) a few days ago for my iPad review, I was told that there would be a list ready to go for the actual launch on Friday. Sure enough, today Apple came back with an early list of apps. And they've pushed a new section of the App Store devoted to the new Retina apps. But I've also found several others that aren't on their list yet. Below, find a list of the new apps you'll want in order to take full advantage of the new screen.


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