Friday, March 23, 2012

In Max Payne 3 multiplayer, you'll be shooting these real people over and over

Late last year and through to early 2012, Rockstar Games began a special contest that sought to discover the in-game likenesses of the multiplayer characters in Max Payne 3 by looking to the faces of real-life Twitter users.

Max Payne 3 Twitter Character 1

The studio eventually whittled down a long list of submitted candidates and settled on eight people, and true to its word, the visages of these Rockstar aficionados will appear in Max Payne 3 as fully customisable and playable multiplayer gang members!

Let’s find out more about each of these Twitter users in this unique contest, and see how they appear in-game, too:

Harald Fraenkel (@HaraldFraenkel)

Max Payne 3 Twitter Face 1

“Harald won us over with his incredible look – with the classic shaved head Mohawk and aggressive demeanor, looks totally like someone who’d be believable facing off in an online deathmatch.”

Shohei (@hakuchitare)

Max Payne 3 Twitter Face 2

“Shohei is a huge Rockstar fan who works as an acclaimed illustrator in his native Japan. His distinctive look, with hair shaved on the sides and slicked back on top, will look right in place amidst the gang’s rogues gallery and do well to represent Max Payne 3’s setting of São Paulo which has the largest Japanese community in the world outside of Japan.”

Alexis “Lou” (@Alexisssx3)

Max Payne 3 Twitter Face 3

“Alexis “Lou” caught our eye with her gauntlet-throw in our direction and quite true claim that every multiplayer gang needs a bad ass female assassin.”

Hamish (@SilentHamish)

Max Payne 3 Twitter Face 4

“Hamish had been amongst the most prolific tweeters during the event and went super hard in the final weeks – a massive fan proudly from Melbourne, Australia who’s promised to portray an inherently tough road warrior online.”

Dave Wheeler (@Wheelerj28)

Max Payne 3 Twitter Face 5

“Dave Wheeler is known up in Winnipeg, Canada as morning show mouthpiece of local rock radio station Power 97 and caught our eye with his campaign to proudly let his listeners virtually shoot him in the mug should he be cast.”

Jaclyn (@@jaclynejimenez)

Max Payne 3 Twitter Face 6

“Jaclyn is a PC gamer from our own homebase of NYC. Her dream of getting her face in the game has come to pass, and looks like she’s ready to celebrate with some Social Club multiplayer event action later this spring as well.”

Elvis (@ElvisMarques)

Max Payne 3 Twitter Face 7

“A devoted fan hailing from Max Payne 3’s locale of Brazil - it was only right that this unit have at least one Brasileiro verdadeiro, and who better than a member of the troop who call themselves the MaxPayne3 Family.”

Nick (@TwisBeats)

Max Payne 3 Twitter Face 8

“Nick works in the underground rap scene of London and is someone we spotted back in the 2nd week of the event and contacted for photos. He was just about losing hope of being chosen, but c’mon – how could we say no to this guy?”

Max Payne 3 - In-Game Multiplayer Screenshots

Max Payne 3 Twitter Character 2

Max Payne 3 Twitter Character 3

Max Payne 3 Twitter Character 4

Max Payne 3 Twitter Character 5


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